13 January 2008

Old friends in New Places.

I had a great weekend visiting with some friends from college and enjoyed seeing their little girl for the first time. She is a very cute little 2 year old and although a little shy had warmed up to me by the time I had to leave. It was good visiting with John and Jennifer for the weekend and I got to see their parents as well. Relaxing on the couch watching football and the Aggie basketball game was a very nice change from being stuck in my BOQ room on the weekend just killing time.

We just finished a week in the field focused on squad battle drills which culminated in a platoon live fire exercise. The op-tempo was slow but the weather held out for the most part so it wasn’t too bad.

Next week will be back in the field with the focus being on platoon maneuver and culminating in a squad live fire exercise. I’m not sure how it makes sense to do the platoon live fire prior to the squad live fire but someone with a pay grade higher than mine set it up that way so I’m sure somewhere it makes sense.

The training schedule seemed slow last week and I hope next week will have more for us to do. With cold wet weather predicted I’m not looking forward to sitting around being cold and wet and not doing much. Hopefully the op-tempo will be high enough to keep us busy and not thinking about the cold.

Here is my pancho hooch that I slept in at nigh. Nothing fancy just a pancho stretched between two trees to provide some dry ground and a little warmth.

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