16 January 2007

Combatives week

We are back at it this morning with combatives. We started with the basics of hand to hand combat with the fighting stance, standing base moves and drill 1. Drill 1 is a series of moves that leads you through the dominate body positions in the Brazilian jujitsu which is what the Army’s combative training is based heavily on. If you are familiar with mixed martial arts and the Gracie family then you know what we are doing.

The rest of the week will be spent on combatives and some classroom stuff. Unfortunately we won’t get enough hours in to be certified level 1 but hopefully eventually I can go to the class and go all the way through.

It’s pretty icy up here still and I don’t think it will change much because it’s not going to get much over freezing during the day and is dropping down into the teens at night so everything refreezes over night.

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