11 January 2007

In processing

Week one has consisted of in processing which is the same for most military schools. It consists of standing in lines and waiting to have medical and financial records screened and sitting through briefings. In the case of this school there are a lot of Lt's who are brand new to the military, whether straight out of ROTC or OCS and need to have a lot of things done for the first time so that slowed the process down quite a bit.


Tomorrow we kick off our actual training with a road march with full battle gear and ruck sack. It's only 5 miles and is mostly to get out and do something after standing around and sitting in briefings all week.


The barracks are pretty basic, a room with a bed a wall locker and a desk. I'm lucky and have a three person room and only have one roommate. So space isn't an issue for us.


This weekend is Martin Luther King's birthday so with the three day weekend I'm going to go home.


For my fellow Lt's who are reading this it's pretty nice here. They will treat you well and NCO cadres call you sir and ma'am and treat you with respect. The program is very much based on mentorship and that is obvious from the company commander down. I wouldn't say there is anything that is hard but definitely a lot to learn and I think a lot of help mastering basic infantry tactics.


I'll update more later as I can.

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