12 January 2007

If it isn’t raining, you aren’t training

If it isn't raining, you aren't training, is a common statement in the army. Well today it was freezing rain and a 20 degree wind chill so our five mile road march definitely counts as training.

We knew it was going to be cold when we fell out and the wind was blowing and the temps were hovering just above freezing. Shortly after weapons draw it started raining and about mile one the rain started to freeze on everything and everyone. By the time we were done with the road march everyone was covered in ice from head to toe and our uniforms were soaked with melted ice.

Everyone made it through on time and while painful it was a good lesson in mental toughness. Pain like that is only temporary and completing the mission is always first.

On a bad note, it looks like roads will be closed soon and passes may be revoked for the weekend so I might not make it home. They are going to wait till in the morning to make the final call.

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